Dog Breed VS Dog Behavior Problems

A grown dog needs more room than a smaller one, and so do bigger breeds, due to their euphoria, can cause accidents at home, like, for instance, breaking something. Some like the Saint Bernard have the tendency to drool, and the saliva can fall on the furniture or carpets. Most dogs change hair, and some of those "dead hairs", even after brush up, will spread out all over the house.Other breeds, however, like the Bedlington and the Kerry Blue Terrier, don't shed hair in a conventional way, so it is necessary to cut it and clear up regularly to maintain it in good health, and free of "dead hairs". Those with flatten faces, like the bulldog, can produce noisy breathing due to their reduced and compressed noses. This habit tends to worsen with age and causes some irritation to some owners.

Our children have asthma: Is it safe to buy them a puppy?

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