Dog Food Comparison

I want to feed my dog with canned dog food. What Comparison are there? Canned dog food is, in comparison to dry dog food, actually, the most important in the market. It's very complete filling all the nutritional requirements that your dog needs, and is prepared with a mixture of muscular meat, stomach, kidney, lung, heart, barley, cereals, vitamins and minerals. Some canned dog foods have a higher level in carbon hydrates than others. In case of food with low levels of carbon hydrates, add some cereals, cooked rice or corn flour for two thirds of canned food.Cans can be kept for long periods without deterioration, but once opened must be kept in the freezer, and used as quick as possible. It would be desirable to transfer to a plastic container, the unused food of an opened can, to avoid possible oxidation of the can's interior. The price of canned food varies and, normally, depends on the level of carbon hydrates it contains. To use corn flour with canned food is a good idea, in case of the more expensive cans, which contain a higher level of meat. It's a false saving to use proteins as energy sources. In any case, follow the manufactures manufacturers. The excessive use of crackers is not recommended, produces obesity, specially for dogs lacking exercise. Actually, you can find many specialized kinds of canned Dog food Comparison at the supermarkets and pet stores, for puppies and for the most demanding eaters. Any way, and at least, cat's food could be a cheaper alternative; usually it has a higher level of proteins and could be more appetizing. Some canned foods for dogs, sometimes, are not so complete because they have only one type of meat. If in doubt carefully read the ingredients on the label. Recently, the market for half dry food for dogs has expanded. Though created to look like huge meat pieces, usually they have high levels of soy and a lower level of water, around 25%, compared with canned foods. Normally, they are sold in boxes, packed in bags with aluminum cover, and may have some other ingredients as saccharose, used to preserve the food and make it more appetizing. Have this in mind if your dog is diabetic. Dry foods for dogs contain around only 10% of water. There are many kinds of dry food, such as flour, granules and expanded pieces. These can be kept out of the freezer without any problem. Most of manufacturers recommend submerging this food into water or sauce, to encourage the dog to eat this unknown food. If you follow this procedure, remember that the wet food will be ruined quickly. If normally dogs get their needed amount of liquids, a dry diet will cause an increase in drinking water compared with a canned food diet.

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