Artificial Dog Breast Feeding

We will have to use special and specific milk for the puppies or just use cow milk though it is not recommended. It is obligatory until the puppy is 6 weeks old. The first 3 weeks are the most delicate ones. The mother's milk is very different from cow milk and has more fat, which is why we will not be able to substitute the mother's milk with cow milk unless the she does not have enough milk.

These are possible mixtures for artificial dog breast feeding milk:

  • 600g of whole milk +10 whole eggs +20g of bone powder
  • 800g of whole milk + 200g milk cream + 1 egg yolk + 6g of bone powder
  • 1 glass of whole milk + 1 glass of milk cream + 1 egg yolk

The amount that will have to be administered will be calculated in function of the animal's weight. For a 400 g puppy, 8 meals a day are necessary for the first 2 days with 14 ml of milk each time (we can feed the puppy every two hours with an interruption between the 23 and 5 hours); from day 3 to day 7, 6 meals a day of 25 ml each; from day 8 to day 16, five meals a day of 40 ml each; from day 17 until weaning, 4 meals of 65 ml per day. In dog stores we will also find powdered dog milk with the appropriate baby bottles. This kind of milk is available in veterinarian centers or in specialized stores and it is always the best option. The thing is to boil the water before we mix it with the powders. Let it cool down and then warm it up at a temperature of 50°C. Shake so that the mixture is very homogenous and let it cool down to 38°C, which is the mother's body temperature. We will have to be very hygienic about this to limit the sources of infection through the material. Cleaning with cold water must precede cleaning with hot water. The puppy's milk must not be made before time and breast feeding must not last more than 15 minutes to allow a good assimilation. The mother has a very narrow contact with the puppy. We will have to keep the puppy warm and pass a wet piece of cotton through the anal and genital areas to stimulate urination. Beginning on the fourth week you can feed the puppy from abowl.

Eclampsia Crisis: This is another problem that can happen during breast feeding. It is recognized by the appearance of a convulsive crisis in the mother, this is due to hypocalcaemia. The first symptoms appear in the third week of breast feeding. The female looks anxious, moans, breaths rapidly and her extremities are very tense. We will have to give the dog a calcium shot right away and give her calcium supplements. The fabrication of milk demands a lot of calcium from the mother's body. If the amount of calcium intake is not enough, the female can suffer from hypocalcaemia. To prevent this illness, we can administer a supplement to the female since the last third of the gestation period.

The Pseudo-Gestation of Breast Feeding
The female presents a psychological modification and an identical behavior of a female during gestation, even though she is not pregnant; this happens two months after heat. Breast milk is produced without labor. The female must be treated in this case.

Illnesses of the Reproductive Organs
After going through all the stages of reproduction, we will go into the problems of the reproductive organs that can happen at any time through the dog's lives.

In the female
The teats:
We must observe them carefully, especially during the period of breast feeding.

Mastitis: It is exceptional in females but it is very serious when it is gangrenous mastitis. The germ that is responsible for this is generally a staphylococcus. The female is very tired and has fever. This problem happens almost exclusively during breast feeding. In the case of gangrene, the teat becomes black and cold, and secretes purple pus; if no treatment is given to the dog it will die.

Tumors: The mammary tumor is one of the tumors that make the owners most anxious. It can be produced at any age; in general it appears in old females. It appears as a lump. It is precise to make extract it and then analyze it. That is the only way in which we can determine if it is a carcinogenic tumor. In the case of cancer, an x-ray of the lungs will be performed to discover metastasis. Chemotherapy treatment can be initiated after removing the tumors. Infections and inflammations of the reproductive organs. All the genital organs are very sensitive to germs and the female dog does not always have a good hygiene. Dog Vaginitis

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