Ask a Veterinarian - Ask a Vet

Before you start, if you are thinking of starting active sport activities with your dog, it is very important to examine them first to make sure they are in good physical condition. Ask your Veterinarian or look at your dog in a Vet's eye.

When bones don't respond:When the dog walks hunched or limping and are in pain, it is probable they are suffering from bone pathology. The veterinarian can check with a radiograph. The most common skeletal problems are: malformation of elbows, hips and shoulders. In case there is extremely swelling, the veterinarian will prescribe medication and repose. For a few weeks the dog should be walked in a controlled way and on a leash. In the case of an extreme bone deformation, progressive deterioration or malformations, an operation will be unavoidable.

Game limitations depending on operation
It is important to stop the activities:

  • After any operation the veterinarian will give you a specific period or repose.
  • After castration, from 2 to 3 weeks, until the stitches are taken out and the wound has healed.
  • After a hip operation, at least 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Expecting bitches, should slow down there activities after their 5th week of pregnancy.

Calm games: when and for whom?: There are some illnesses that affect certain breeds which you'll need to limit the activity of games, when the symptoms are apparent.

Miniature Dog breeds: Chihuahua, Yorkshire, Terrier and midget Caniche: hereditary malformations in their knee and hip articulations, they are prone to kneecap problems.

Short snout Dog breeds: English Bulldog, Garline & Pekinese: respiratory problems when the dog is excited or in extreme heat.

Sensitive backbone Dog breeds
Basset hound, Teckel, Pekinese, Caniche & Spaniel Springer: They are prone to ligament prolepses. Moderate exercise would be enough for these dogs. They shouldn't be carried at all times.

Large Dog Breeds: Saint Bernard, German Dogo, German Shepherd & Berna Bouvier: Hereditary hip and knee dyslexia (wearing down of the femur head).

Old dogs of all breeds: Chronic cardiac insufficiency and, as a result pulmonary edema.

Please be careful

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