At the Vacations Spot

If you're going to travel abroad, you need to find out what the requirements are in the country you are going to. These requirements vary notably from one country to the other, even when they are located in the same continent.

The requirements and paperwork you should gather are: permit from the consulate, distemper vaccination certificate, veterinary certificate done at the border, quarantine and the confirmation of where you are going to stay.

The weather
The first few days you will have to go on long walks with your dog, so he can recognize the place and get familiarized with it. In this way, he will get adapted to the environment and the weather.

A dog with too much hair can tolerate low temperatures, but it has more problems getting used to high ones.

At restaurants
Nowadays, there are restaurants and hotels that allow dogs. You should take the dog to the restaurant only if you are completely sure that his presence won't disturb anyone and that he will remain quiet under the table.

At hotels
At the hotel, look for a quiet place in a corner of the room, far from a draft. Put a bowl with water at his reach. You have to make sure that your dog won't start barking at everyone that passes by outside your door.

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