Avalanche Snow Rescue Dogs

Avalanche rescue dogs: When an avalanche happens the time factor is decisive for the people buried in the snow, and despite all of the specialized rescue people, the dog's help is indispensable to help find the victims quickly. The time that passes between the time people have been buried in the snow and are found, if they have not suffered from bad injuries due to a fall, have asphyxiated, are in psychological shock due to how horrifying it is to be buried, allows us to suppose there is a possibility of survival of at least two hours or more. The odors people let off when they are struggling due to panic and sweating presses against the interior of the snow bed and goes upwards before the wind pushes it to the side. The dog digs vertically into the snow at the location where he finds the victim and shows his discovery by acting nervous, anxious and wags his tail intensely. He will then start diggingfuriously or barking letting his guide know the place he found the victim. The rescuers then run over immediately to shovel the snow off. If while they are digging they still do not find the person the dog is put inside the hole so he can indicate where they should dig to find the victim.

Precautions with working dogs: Besides being teammates, these dogs are great companions and friends; therefore the dog must be treated in a friendly manner and must be bombarded with praise all the time for his work.
When these dogs are not working they should be treated as pets. They should get a chance to play with their trainers and coworkers. These dogs are extremely responsible and they know when it is play time and when it is work time but they should not miss out on the opportunity to have fun to let off tension and stress.

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