Basic Dog Correction Techniques

It is important for your dog to understand what types of behaviors you consider inadequate. Don't confuse your dog, if something is wrong, it will always be wrong – don't make any exceptions. You should punish your dog only when he really is behaving badly. When you scold the dog, use a severe tone of voice.

Use a bitter spray to impregnate any objects that might be attractive to your dog, like old shoes, for example.

If your dog continues to chew, leave him in a cage when you leave him alone at home. When the dog is in his cage, leave him some chewable toys inside.

Retraining Rules
Although bad customs vary from one dog to another, almost all of them can be corrected by following a general retraining or reeducation program.

1. Make your dog obey an order, such as to sit or lie down, before he receives a verbal or food prize.

2. Go back to the basic training of obedience. Make sure your dog obeys, sits and stays quiet when you order him to.

3. Make sure the dog is always under your control either at home or outside. Always keep your dog on the leash or the long leash until you are sure that he can obey your orders.

4. Continue with this program and convince yourself that bad habits can't be eliminated from one day to the other. Several weeks will have to pass before you are able to solve the problem completely.

5. In case of serious problems, in which you, your dog or other people can get hurt, seek professional help.

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