Basic Dog Agility Equipment

As I always say, to have a dog, doesn't necessarily mean you become his owner. Owning a few basic dog agility equipment and a pet doe not make you an owner. The title of an owner is achieved not just by purchasing a dog, but by actually living with him and learning how to care for the dog. So let us begin! When you first arrive home to your new dog, he is still just a "poor little thing". He is not acquainted with you and therefore you are still a stranger to him. Now, for him to be able to be able to feel at home and at ease, there are a couple things you must know and learn to work with.

First thing's first, he needs to have a name. In real life, the name that the breeder has chosen for the dog, is not usually the most adequate or fitting, for its usually chosen from the genealogical tree of which can be very common or worn out. Since it will be a name that you will use frequently and something that he'll be able to relate to, it must be sound clear and not something that will sound to harsh or like if your scolding the dog. The most recommendable are the ones with 2 syllables and with the vocal letters o, u, and a. Imagine you have to call your dog by its name in a crowd full of people, you have to be clear.

Of all the thing that a dog needs, here are some dog agility equipment that are most important:

You may purchase articles about dog in certain stores, specialized on that. Or you may get them in the catalogues of house hunting, as they may give some articles, as well, about dog purchasing

"A collar and a leash are very important, and must adapt itself correctly according to the size and breed of the dog". The Dog Collar

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