Basic Dog Equipment & Supplies

Make sure to have everything you need before acquiring a puppy or an adult dog such as:

  • Dog house:If you are intending for your dog to be outside most of the time, make sure to provide the necessary living space for him. Dog houses are usually made out of wood or fiber glass that resist different temperatures. These come in all sorts of different sizes (small, medium, and large), and it's important that thedog housebe lifted from the ground to prevent humidity from getting in. However, if your dog is going to be staying inside your house most of the time, you could put together a "bed" for him, that can be made out of cloth, plastic, or foam.This last option is not the best as they are not very tough and puppies often times chew through them. The best option is that the "relax area" or "bed" be made out of an easy to wash material.
  • bed:It is important that if you have a large dog or a short hair breed that its bed be soft enough to avoid your dog getting calluses or his bones becoming deformed.
  • Dog bowls:It's suggested that you get two different bowls for your dog, one for his food and one for his water. Be careful to get the right kind of food and water bowls for your breed. Larger dogs need bowls that are raised off of the floor. Also light bowls tend to move as your dog is trying to eat. Your puppy will probably need some smaller bowls to begin with. If you have more than one dog it is essential for their sakes that you make sure that they each have their own food/water bowls. Make sure to always keep thedog bowlclean.
  • Identification:Your canine must always have a dog tag, containing his personal information as well as contact information, on his collar when out. It is not uncommon for dog's to become lost and if your dog does not at least have its name and your phone number on its tag then you could have a serious problem on your hands.
  • toys:Choosing the right kind ofdog toysis often a matter of the size of your dog and its mouth. toys that could be swallowed or become lodged in your dog's throat should never be given. Rubber balls, chewing (synthetic) bones, chewing toys, Frisbees etc… are some of the best toys you can give your dog. If your canine is particularly destructive it is best to give it chewable toys as this allows your dog to take out its frustrations and boredom without damaging your household items. Teething puppies can be given rawhide chewing bones to relieve the pain and urge to chew associated with this period of its life.
  • Grooming:Your dog's coat should be groomed regularly both to keep it looking clean, free of mats and to remove hair that is being shed. Short haired dogs can be groomed with a grooming glove or soft bristled brush. Longer haired dogs should not only have their hair combed with a long toothed comb but they also need to have their upper coat gone over with a fine toothed comb, brush, curry comb and for that thick under coat you can use a undercoat rake.

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