Basic Dog Hierarchy Rules. You are the Dominator, your Dog the Dominated

You are the Dominator, your Dog the Dominated: The dog must never take the initiative in nothing related with his owner. If the owner keeps this in mind, he will never have conduct problems.
.Meals: Within a pack, the dominant dog eats first, and occupies the central zone. That means the owner should be the dominant. Therefore, he should eat before the dog, and occupy the territory before him. If this is not followed, many conduct problems will arise. The worst attitude is that of a person that feeds his dog, and watches him to be sure he eats everything. And then sits himself at the table. The dog is in a dominance position. Alimentary hierarchy position appears around five weeks, and ends between three and twelve months. At a mature age, the dog vindicates his dominant position.
The Room: When the puppy enters his owner's home for the first time, understands that his owner's room is the hierarchic center of the house. Usually understands it before his owner. Therefore, be careful, don't allow him any privilege, because he will constantly doubt about your dominant position. If this rule is not respected, many pathologic conducts will arise, mainly biting. The origin is a total or partial absence of authority from the owner. The dog considers himself then as the protector of the owner or the family. He also considers himself as the "leader of the pack", and believes his position allow him to impose his rule. If the members of the family do not respect him, he will bite, destroy, bark, etc A dog can have a dominant character, but in any case should be dominated by the family. These dominion relations should be left for animals. The owner should be respected by his dog.

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