Basic Equipment for Your Dog

All the articles that have to do with the well being of your dog are very important, and you must count on them before purchasing your dog. You can acquire them in stores that are specialized in dogs and in homes on sale in correspondence.

Dog toys: Since dogs play with there mouth, toys must be made of an appropriate non toxic material, and not so small that the dog can swallow it. Rubber and soft plastic dog toys are unsuitable, as well as those made of fragile material, or that are painted. The dog stores offer a great variety of toys, from the smallest rubber duck to Frisbees, including balls, stuffed footballs, throwing rings, dolls and sticks. A rawhide chew bone is also very recommendable, for your puppy to strengthen its chewing muscles, and clean its teeth.

Brushes, Combs and Other Tools: The brush is essential for most breeds, and all dogs enjoy when they're adequately brushed.

For short and straight haired breedswe recommend:

  • a natural bristled brush.
  • a soft plastic or rubber brush, to eliminate dead hair with static electricity. (In this case you must use a rubber glove).
  • a flannel rag for shining at the end of the process.

Dealing with long haired dogsthings are different and you need:

  • a special brush with a resistant handle for your puppy.

Besides you need:

  • a thick bristled comb
  • a thin bristled comb
  • a round tipped metallic brush (to not damage the skin), whose bristles are mounted on a flexible mounted base.
  • a strong naturally bristled brush.
  • a matt knife, to untangle matted hair, which appear even with daily care.

I am not partial towards plastic bristles, I think they're excessively hard and aggressive. A breeder will inform you what's recommendable for the breed.

Dealing with strong robust haired dogs, you will need:

  • a comb with medium-thick bristles.
  • a matt knife.
  • a brush to straighten the hair.
  • a trimming knife.

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