Basic Puppy Discipline Methods & Techniques

Puppies and basic disciplinary methods: Everyday that you spend with your puppy you are teaching it the basics of obedience and discipline. When we use the word puppy discipline we are not talking about physical punishment but are rather referring to the structured world that dogs and we live in. If our dogs or we weren't disciplined (didn't practice self-control) and didn't operate within the boundaries and norms that exist then our worlds would be chaos and dogs and humans would not be able to coexist in the friendly and mutually beneficial way that we do. It is a good idea to sit down regularly and think about the things that your dog does and ask yourself why. If it has behavior problems, then what are the causes? Dogs problems are most often cause or brought on by the owner or by the fact that the owner hasn't taught the dog the correct response to the problems. For example if your dog is jumping up on visitors then you need to ask yourself if you have trained it sufficiently as to the correct way to greet visitors. Or if the puppy is chewing household items while you are out then maybe it is teething and needs teething toys or it might just be bored and need some more stimulating toys.
Of course regardless of your best intentions and efforts there are some dogs that have behavior problems that must be dealt with by an animal behavior expert. As your puppy grows and matures it is also important that you change the way you look at it. An adolescent puppy will of course have more behavior problems than a newborn puppy.
This means that you as the owner will need to adjust your training program to meet the dog's and your needs. Progressively training your dog will help it to be more attentive to your commands and wishes and will help to deepen the bond between you and your dog.
A well behaved dog is much more of a joy to be around and take out for walks than one that is stubborn, willful and disobedient.

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