Basic Puppy Training

Playing, a School for Life: In a natural state the puppy plays much, first with his siblings, then with the mother, and then with the other members of the pack. Everything needed to live is learnt through playing.During training act as the father or mother of the puppy: having as much fun as possible, and don't worrying if he gets injured sometime; the most important is to impose your authority in every moment, without forgetting you are "teachers" and not "class mates" of the puppy. You will decide when to start and when to end the game, interrupting it whenever the puppy does not moderates his behavior. Try always to make him understand, very clear, what you expect from him.

Avoid the following mistakes:

  • to accept his invitations to play (that means obeying his orders). If the dog brings you the ball, and indicates he wants to play with you, through his eyes or body language, give him before a simple order, and then as a reward play with him;
  • to apologize and talk to him with sorrow if during the play you step on his paw; this behavior deteriorates the animal's character, and leads him to moan each time he has a slight pain.

Elementary Puppy Training: Calling is a fundamental exercise the puppy must learn as soon as possible; that's why is part of this basic training. You can't start teaching him some basic orders like "sit" or "lie down", while he does not reacts to calling.
Calling the Puppy: As is fundamental that the dog answers this order always, the first exercises will be done with the long leash (or training leash). The puppy must know his name, he learns it when you start calling him in or outside the house, when he is coming to you. Once he knows his name, do the following:

  • look for a quiet place (the garden is ideal);
  • keep the leash loose, without traction;
  • call the puppy by his name and order him something, name-come or name. here, in a joyful manner, but firm.

If the puppy answers the call, then praise and pet him, take the leash off and play with him. If he doesn't answer quickly, pull swiftly from the leash towards you; as soon as he arrives praise him and let him play.

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