Bathing your Dog

Honestly, it isn't advisable to bathe puppies before they are six months old or if the dog has been recently vaccinated -- even if the animal is an adult. As a general rule, you should wash your dog every two or three weeks. For that, you have to use a special type of shampoo for each kind of hair and rinse the hair with a lot of water.

Before bathing your dog, it is convenient to softly brush his fur, so you can eliminate the strange bodies and residual hair, besides, you will be able to make a visual inspection just in case your dog has parasites.

Generally speaking, obligated baths are not well accepted by dogs, so if this is your case, try to be kind with your dog in these moments of tension. Transmit confidence to your dog and he will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

We don't recommend; except for an adequate kind of shampoo for your dog, the use of colognes or hair deodorants. With that, the only thing you'll be doing is eliminating the natural oil of your dog's hair.

It is important to exhaustively dry your dog's hair after the shower – with a hair dryer, if possible. At the same time, go brushing the hair, giving it the adequate shape and volume. If you don't dry the hair properly it may result in serious problems to the dog's skin; fungus could even appear.

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