How to give a Dog a Bath. Bathing your puppy

Dogs must only bathe so many times a year, unless they are full of mud or smelling bad. Your dog's fur may be damaged by bathing too often.
How to give a Dog a Bath:

To bathe your dog you will need the following things:

  • An adult to help picking him and holding up.
  • A tub depending on the size of the dog.
  • A dog shampoo.
  • Warm water and a plastic pitcher. A shower hose or normal hose.
  • Lots of old towels to leave your puppy as dry as possibly.
  • A brush and comb to groom your dog after his bath.

Before using the shampoo, make sure the dog is totally wet. The mix a little bit shampoo with warm water in the pitcher, and pour it over his entire body making sure water nor shampoo enter his eyes. Now you need to pour warm water over the puppy again and again until there isn't any shampoo left on him. Ask an adult to help you get him out of the tub as soon as he is clean. Now you may commence to dry him off with the towels, get ready because it's a lot of work. drying a dog

How to dry off a puppy dog
It's very important to dry him off very well, or he can catch a cold. If there's good weather you may take him outside, and play with him after you finishing drying him, to get him warm. Some dogs like it when you dry them with the hairdryer, others don't. If your dog is part of them, never use it on him. The puppy's need of attention

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