How to Choose a Dog: Quiz for choosing dog.

The young dog and How to Choose a dog or puppy correctly can be difficult, specially when you are in front of many of them, at the same time. Remember this is a life long commitment, at least to the dogs life span, so choosing a dog should never be taken lightly. The first thing is to make up your mind about whether you want a pedigree dog or a mixed-breed one, but there are some other points to think about before buying a dog. Afterwards, adaptation and training phases will be crucial to help your puppy to settle down in his new environment, and developing into an enthusiastic and obedient grown dog. The playful nature of puppies is their main attraction, though grown dogs are more suitable to people of certain ages.

Herein is our Quiz for choosing dog helps you on how to choose your puppy dog: It's important to think twice before deciding to buy a puppy. These pets demand a lot of you, and have to be properly trained to settle down into your family life.

Quiz for Choosing Dog

Should I choose a grown dog instead of a puppy?

Which is better: a male or female dog?

Are some breeds more troublesome than others?

Having children: Can I have a dog?

Old cat new dog

How can I get a determined puppy?

Can I trust a breeder?

Our children have asthma

Should I choose a street or a pedigree dog?

Do dogs have different temperament?

Which breeds demand more attention than others?

Good guard dogs

When should I buy a puppy?

I'm not interested in a pedigree dog

Some considerations to keep in mind

What should I ask the breeder before taking the puppy home

Should I buy a dog? To own a dog can be great, but not everybody has the time necessary to take care of them. Having domestic animals restrains the person in charge of them, and dogs are among the most demanding domestic animals. You have to feed and brush him regularly, as well as going out for a walk, which means, more or less, an hour a day. On the other hand, proper care of your dog could be expensive if you consider food, medicines and veterinary bills; some breeds even have to be groomed by a specialist. Some other expenses are the doghouse and the license. To introduce a dog into your house will bring, undoubtedly, some domestic problems. For instance, dogs shed hair and the fast accumulation of these makes needs periodic brushing. Some accidents in the house and furniture are another risk you have to live with if you are the owner of a puppy. Dogs demand so much time as any other member of your family.

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