Best Guard Dog Breed - How to Train Dog to Attack

Guard and attack dogs: Dog breeds that are trained as guard and attack dogs need to be trained to not have full trust in strangers. Obviously this begins with teaching the dogs to not accept food or treats that are offered to them by any one else but the owner. They also learn to not pick anything up off of the ground, garden or area they are guarding since many times items or food can be poisoned. These are some of the things thieves use to get into people's houses. Another important thing they need to learn is to be indifferent towards other dogs, especially if towards females that are in heat, since this could completely distract the dog from doing his job. Barking is important if the dog is inside the house, but if he is outside of the house he needs to approach the suspect quietly without barking in order to attack him by surprise so that the delinquent sets off running in panic. The dog is notsupposed to follow the thief though; he needs to stay within his guardianship perimeter. A dog that barks while guarding outside can confuse the owner since the owner may not pay as much attention to it thinking that it could be a cat or some other dog. Therefore the dog is taught not to.

How to Train Dog to Attack

The mission of an attack dog is to protect his owner from any possible attack or danger, which is why they are trained to remain close to their owners.How to train dog to attack is a lengthy detailed process. If a person were to come up and attack the owner out of the blue, the dog has to act out of his own initiative. These types of attacks are violent in order to bring the delinquent down and the dog does this by biting on the person's extremities like the arms or legs since when this happens the person being attacked tries to free himself by kicking at the animal. The dogs bite needs to be strong and he learns to use his whole mouth by pressing his molars down so that the person is not able to free himself. Obviously then, the dog has to be well trained to let go at the owners command and then maintain on guard for any suspicious movement from the delinquent.

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