Best Guard Dog Breeds

Here is a short description list of what we judge are the Best Guard Dog Breeds available for you to choose from. Read and evaluate what breed with best fit your guard dog needs.

Airedale terrier

  • Big
  • Curly hair that must be groomed and cared for
  • Guard dogs, but can serve as companion dogs as well
  • Pleasant character
  • Good with children
  • Must get a lot a lot of exercise


  • Big
  • Short haired
  • Guard dog, or companion
  • Requires an owner with a strong personality that loves to do exercise

Great Dane

  • Very big
  • Short haired
  • Guard dog or companion
  • Nice with children
  • Requires exercise and a lot of space


  • Big
  • Short haired
  • Guard dog
  • Well educated, serves as companion dog as well
  • Do not train it to attack
  • Requires a lot of space

German shepherd

  • Big
  • Coat that requires a lot of care
  • Guard and company dog
  • Faithful and obedient
  • Depends on its owner and loves taking walks and company

Belgian Sheepdog

  • Big
  • Long hair and coat that requires a lot of care
  • Guard dog and companion
  • Faithful and attentive


  • Big
  • Short hair
  • Guard dog
  • When trained properly serves as companion

Giant Schnauzer

  • Big
  • Guard dog and companion
  • Curly coat that requires care and grooming
  • Good temperament

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