8 Week Old Puppy Care Info

8 week old puppy infoNormally puppies are taken to their homes at the age of eight weeks; at first it's kind of awkward for them to be so far from their mother and siblings. At this age they only know how to do three things: eat, play and sleep. The most normal thing for your puppy to do during the first couple of days is explore and get used to the new family. It's important for them to have a nice quiet place where they can sleep and that no one will bother them; their own personal space. Puppies are so flexible they're like rubber, some times they fall belly side up, or they fall over with there legs stretched out and there belly touching the floor as if it where the most common thing in the world.

Everything they find on the floor they chew it and try to eat it, they can't tell the difference between a stick they play with from a table leg, they are both, from his point of view the same kind of toy. So it's your responsibility to get the right toys for him to be able to play around with out making a disaster. There are special toys such as: rubber chew bones and toys or rag dolls that normally the best ones.

Learn good behavior: Puppies have to learn to respect older dogs and their owner. This age they have to have serious sessions of training, he has to play a lot, be around other big dogs and be close to other people to be able to behave. And only with your help he will be able to receive you on your way back from school, choose the right time to cross the street with out any risk of getting run over and taking walks on a leash.

Between twelve & eighteen weeks: At this age the puppies need to learn all they can about the world they live in, now they will learn to tell the deference between things that are fun and boring, this is also the perfect age for them to learn by playing, like that you will give him a bone if they sit down or lift a paw and they will leave everybody astonished, this is the time that they are more eager to learn and play.

In this period is when the puppy manifests the conduct of his breed. If he's a Terrier for example he will most likely have a tendency of digging, if a Retriever or a hunting dog they will have great attraction for retrieving objects, or if it's a sheep dog, like a Collie, for example… it will run around you and treat you like if you were from his flock! Between five and nine months

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