Big & Small Dogs Smell Dog and People

Two different sized dogs can run into problems while trying to smell each other. Everyone has probably been able to see how a small and big dog go around in circles until they have finally been able to successfully smell each other. For some reason smelling the penis of a male dog seems to be very important for dogs, and habitually, it induces a state of social reticence from the dog that is being smelled, which then causes him to become motionless until the "investigation" is over with.

So that's who you are: For dogs smelling the behind area ( why dog smells or sniffs other dog ass or butt ) of another dog allows them to discover many things they would not have otherwise learned about by just simply smelling each other's faces. This type of behavior seems to be something dogs dedicate a lot of time to, especially in the case of male dogs that have not been neutered. This is something interesting since dogs naturally have a very keen and developed sense of smell, yet despite this, they get so close to the other dogs behind area. This may be because this is the way they receive messages directly from its origin before it dissipates in the air or gets mixed with other odors.

When dogs meet people: Body language and signs play a very important part in the life of a dog. Dogs use these to communicate their intentions and feelings the same way humans use sounds and languages to speak to each other. The signs that dogs use have been inherited and are an instinctive reaction to the most part, although they can learn to refine how to communicate by getting trained. Dogs try to use the same signs during their interaction with humans the same way they do when they "talk" to each other, obviously this can cause a lot of confusion especially in the case of a human that does not understand or know how to read the dogs messages.

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