Bond Between Dogs and Children -Dog that are Good with Child

Bond between dogs and children: For a child there isn't any other friend that is as safe and adapted as a dog is. There aren't any other domestic animals that have an ancestral orientation of play mates and protectors which is what dogs do for our children. As far as we can go back in history, children and dogs have shared a common bond known as playing. A good dogs plays with children the same way they would play with their own species while other domestic animals are more tolerant and submissive towards children and only play a little. To a kid a dog is like a toy, a dog though participates in this game by escaping, simulating, letting himself get caught, etc and enjoys these moments to the full, as if he were the same as the child. Through the communication that dogs and children have together are they able to interpret their own language, it seems as though only the dog and the child understand each other. Observe one day how children and dogs play together. Supposedly the relationship that children and dogs have together, no matter how dominant the dog, that it awakens a protective attitude in the dog. This is probably one of the reason that dogs allow children to touch them and poke them in places where no one else could such as poking them in the eyes, pulling on their tails, hitting them etc. Dogs protect children when they are in danger; there are cases in which dogs have rescued children from drowning, and come immediately when they hear the child crying or in pain. Something that is interesting is that a dog will not go to the child if he is just crying in a spoiled way; it seems that dogs are able to differentiate a needy cry and a spoiled cry. If a child is getting punished by his parents, the dog is capable of getting involved to protect the child.

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