Bored Dog

Dogs are sociable animals. They seek and enjoy the company of other dogs. Their senses, mind and body need stimulation. If when you get home you find a disaster scene in your house, don't think your dog did it as a revenge for leaving him alone. Dogs are incapable of planning crimes against you or your property. Howling, digging, destroying, jumping and walking rhythmically back and forth are all signs of anxiety.

You can avoid problems caused by your dog's boredom by letting the dog fulfill his mental and physical needs.

Howling to Call your Attention
Baby wolves howl to call their mother's attention. Therefore, your bored and little stimulated dog barks or howls to call your attention when you leave him alone.

While some dogs dig to bury their bones and others to make themselves a fresh bed, many of them just do it out of frustration.

Rhythmical Jumps
In a garden, a bored dog can have fun jumping up in order to look over a fence. The anxiety of the separation makes some dogs walk back and forth, mark their territory with urine, howl and dig.

Anxious Destruction
Dogs can actually be spectacularly destructive, tearing paper off the wall, chewing on your car's upholstery and destroying carpets, clothing and table cloths in the house. Curiously enough, this behavior is more common in unconfident dogs and dogs that don't exercise enough, especially dogs that were picked off the streets, and who excessively depend emotionally on their masters.

Avoiding Problems
Before leaving your dog alone, make him exercise a lot, both physically and mentally. It is uncommon for an exhausted dog to bark, dig and destroy like others with a overabundance of energy.

Meeting Other Dogs
You shouldn't isolate your dog. Try to see the way for him to get together with other dogs in your presence so that you can testify that he is relating well.

When you leave your dog alone, give him one of the toys he is obsessed with. If you rub the toy with your hands to impregnate your smell on it, your dog will feel more secure.

Taking your Dog to Work
Dogs shouldn't be left alone all day at home because they love activity. If you can, take your dog to work with you; that will reduce his boredom and it will minimize a possible destructive behavior.

Some Help
If you have to leave your dog alone for long periods of time, avoid problems of boredom by counting on the help of a professional dog walker. If not, ask a friend to take your dog out so the animal can exercise often.

Planning Your Absences
Get an idea of your dog's behavior by leaving him alone in a room with a toy. After a few minutes, go back to the room and congratulate him for not showing any signs of boredom like barking, walking or scratching on the door.

Repeat this exercise in different rooms, varying the time of your absences each day until you can leave the animal alone without him showing signs of anxiety.

Quiet Goodbye
Try to leave your house in silence. Opening the curtains or turning on the radio or the television can distract him from the noises the door makes. It is important to remember that dogs that behave better can have separation problems in new homes.

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