Bothersome Dog Barks. Nuisance Dog Barking.

Bothersome barks: Noisy dogs can be quite difficult to live with and around. Almost all dogs use barking, and howling to communicate with each other, but there are cases in which a dog makes so much noise that it causes his presence to be unbearable. Some breeds are particularly loud and get excited more easily. There are certain types of terriers and other dogs that tend to bark a lot when something catches their interest. Dogs have a tendency to copy the behavior of their fellow friends, and in less time than you would think, they can develop a habit of making a lot of noise, especially if they hear and see another dog doing it. If you have ever been to an animal shelter, you have probably been able to appreciate all the loud barking that occurs all over the place. As always, the key to avoiding this type of behavior to start is to train the dog from the age of a puppy. A dog that barks at visitors might be improperly trained. Dogs have a defensive instinct to bark at everyone when they are riding in the car, although it is possible that dogs bark while in a running car because of excitement or stress. Once again, get the dog used to riding in the car when he is a puppy, and avoid yourself the hassle of dealing with a problem later. Often times dogs get used to barking or howling when they are still puppies because they probably learned this was the best way to get all the attention they wanted. It may be cute to hear a little puppy bark impatiently when he is going out on a walk etc, but as you know, when he grows this habit will turn into a nasty experience to deal with. Therefore, when you see a puppy behaving this way, put the leash back in its place and order the puppy to sit. Give the puppy a prize when he obeys and don't leave the house until the puppy is completely quiet. If the puppy barks and makes noise again, ignore him and walk toward another part of the house. Do not take the puppy out until he is quiet, and stops barking.

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