Bringing Home a New Puppy: Age to Bring a Dog Home

Bringing home a new puppy requires the family to not only to show him affection and the obvious necessary care, but also provide all of the necessary environmental stimulus with the adequate quality so that he will be able to develop a sense of socialization with the world surrounding him. In order to obtain this we recommend the following:

Open and closed places: During the training process of a dog it's very important that he learn how to behave in closed spaces, such as inside the house, taking care to not destroy the furniture, do his needs in the right place etc. As well as learn how to behave while he is outdoors, like when he is playing in the park, taking a walk etc.

Day and nighttime: It's normal for a puppy to play and romp around during the day. However, there are some puppies, (depending on the puppy, or if they have had any previous experiences), that are afraid of the dark. Because of this, it is necessary to teach the dog to accept the night, as something normal, in the case of dogs that have extreme phobias it might be necessary to call in some professional help.

Silence and noise: Since the experience of entering a new home for a puppy is difficult there may be some unexpected things you will have to deal with. One of the things that often times wakes small puppies up is silence. This happens sometimes because puppies do not like the feeling of being alone, especially during his first days in a new home. One way to deal with this problem and help him get accustomed as soon as possible is to give him a toy he can sleep with, some people have put clocks that has a tic-toc sound, or a radio with the volume on really low. After a few days of this, you can take these things out of his sleeping area. This should help the puppy to adapt to the silence you may have in your home.

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