Bringing Home a New Puppy

Puppy's first night home: If at all possible it is good for the newly arrived puppy to sleep somewhere, where it can hear the sound of either humans or other animals breathing. When bringing home a new puppy, help it overcome the very traumatic shock of suddenly sleeping alone. If this is not possible then you can purchase pre-recorded sounds of breathing and heartbeats from your local pet store and then play them for the new puppy.There are those that say that a puppy should be put in a place by itself and ignored even if it cries and whines. However making a newly arrived puppy suffer in this way is not only inhumane but can cause the puppy to become fearful and to suffer from separation anxiety even once it is an adult.
The puppy is crying because it has found suddenly found itself alone and afraid. Since we desire that this small defenseless puppy become a partof our lives why would we choose to make it suffer this psychological abuse?
Some people enjoy having their dogs sleep in the same room with them while others prefer to have their dogs sleep in another room altogether. It is best to decide where it is that you want your dog to sleep all of life before you bring it into your house as once you give it a place to sleep you will not be able to easily change the sleeping arrangements.
For those owners that do not want their dogs sleeping in their bedrooms they can place a radio in the puppy's sleeping area and leave it on all night (quietly playing) or they could place a ticking clock in the puppy's area.
A hot water bottle can also be very comforting since it provides warmth and something the puppy can cuddle up to. In order for the newly arrived puppy to develop free of fear and anxiety, it is important to allow it to form a positive outlook on the things that he is not used to so that he grows up feeling secure and safe within the world that surrounds it.

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