Bringing Home a New Puppy - The Pup's first night at the house

A puppy's first night home: When bringing home a new puppy, you must care for the first night and those to come, the puppy must sleep in a place it can hear breathing whether it be human or another animal. Some people believe that a puppy must be left alone, letting it cry until it becomes used to it. Confining a puppy to this type of loneliness after it has been separated from its mother, brothers and sisters, causes the puppy to feel fearful and anguished. The puppy all of a sudden finds himself alone and afraid and this is why he cries. Is it really necessary to put a puppy through that type of psychological suffering if we have chosen him to be part of our lives? Obviously there are certain factors to keep in mind. Some people prefer to sleep in the same room as their dogs while there are others that prefer not to, so in the end it depends on where you get your puppy used to sleeping and where you provide its private space. If you intend for this place to be in your room, this will continue on for the rest of the dog's days, so think about where you want your puppy to be before bringing him home. For people that do not want to have their new puppy sleep in their rooms, one suggestion to help calm him down is to leave a radio turned on real low or by placing a clock in the room to break the silence. A hot water bag is also very comforting since it provides warmth and a place the puppy can cuddle up to. In order for your new puppy to develop normally free from fears, it is important to allow the puppy to form a positive idea of the things that he is not used to so that he develops secure and sure of the world that surrounds him.

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