Bringing Home a Puppy. Welcome Home

The trip you make in bringing home a puppy from the breeder's place to the new home generates a strong shock in almost all puppies; some also get dizzy. The ideal is that someone takes him in his arms. Never leave him free, he could fall down and hurt himself.If we are going alone, then better use a cage for the trip. It's absolutely forbidden to leave him free, it's very risky for him and the driver. It's also not recommendable to place him on the back seats, even if there is a dividing net, cause the puppy will roll on from one place to another, and will panic. A first traumatic trip will make him uneasy in a car for the rest of his life, a first quiet experience will help him to get use to the car quickly. Bigger breed puppies need bigger carriers. In this case if we travel alone, there will be no other way but placing him in the trunk, driving slowly and carefully.

What the Puppy Needs: When the puppy enters home he must find a special place for him with a little carpet, a cushion or a bed (according to his size), two steel bowls if possible, and some chew toys to play with.

Wicker baskets are not recommendable for young puppies; they will surely bite them and perhaps will eat some pieces, which will cause some digestive trouble. Small and hairy dogs do not need a soft bed, but those of big breeds like the German Dogo need something soft to lay on.

In fact, the weight of the dog or the absence of hair may usually produce bothering and antiesthetic callosities in articulations, specially in elbows.

Dog toys such as balls, mice and motivators should not be at his disposition at all times, cause they represent a wanted prize the owner should learn to administrate. Waiting for the time of playing generates a strong desire in the puppy, which should be used to begin his exercise lessons. On the contrary, if we leave him to get use to those toys, at the end he will consider them trivial objects, not worthy of any effort. On the other side,chew dog toyscan be left always at his disposition, having in mind these should have the proper size, and that a raw hide provides calories as any other food. So, daily ration must be changed.

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