Brushing a Dog and personal dog hygiene

Why brush the dog? Brushing your dog is as important as you talking showers. It's important to brush him regularly to avoid it from tangling, or smelling bad. The dogs' skin produces oil to keep the fur healthy and waterproof, but if the dogs' hair doesn't stay clean these oils can get smelly. We humans feel refreshed and a lot better after a shower, and so do dogs after their grooming brush Even dogs with short hair must be regularly brushed. Of course all dogs must get their ears scrubbed, teeth brushed, nails cut and naturally bathed every now and then.

Grooming your dog and How to Brush a Dog: Be sure that the hair brush you're using for your dog is the appropriate one for him. Gently pass the brush in the same direction of the hair. If it's a long haired dog always brush downwards. When brushing him if you find a knot of some sort, don't continue to brush to detangle it. You must detangle it with a comb or ask an adult to help you with it by using his fingers. dog combing If the dog is standing hold up a candy with one hand and use the other to brush him. While brushing him constantly congratulate him for his good behavior. After several times you can see if it's still necessary to hold up a candy for him, but even so when not needed always give him one at the end.

Comb your Dog: Use a comb to detangle his fine facial hair, including the hair around his ears. Comb him carefully as to not poke his eyes or ears with your comb.

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