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A dog will never forget the bread crumb you gave it, even if you throw a hundred stones at it. Before Buying a Puppy Dog Online and taking a dog home we must ask ourselves whether we have the time and the will to take care of it. Buying a pup involves great responsibilities, not all of them easy to comply with. It has to be in consideration that a dog is more than a playmate with which you'll have good times. It is important that you remember a pup is a living creature-with all the advantages and disadvantages this implies-which will be part of a family and need a generous amount of attention, let alone expenses, for you will have to include vet visits, treatments, food, accessories, etc. to your monthly budget.

During the first months, the pup will demand as much care as a baby; it is important to keep an eye on it, making sure it is healthy. The owner will have to teach it behavior rules, so the pup can go about its home with confidence and feeling safe. In spite of growing fast, (you can consider a doganatomically adult from the time it is 9 months), it never matures as soon as wild animals. As a consequence, the owner has to be responsible and educate the dog to be clean and respectful of the house rules, especially if it lives in the city. On the other hand, we must not forget dog's life expectancy is usually within the range of 10-12 years. A family who are willing to acquire one must know they can't get rid of it once they get bored.

Where to get a puppy: Buying a dog is a lot more complicated than it may seem. First of all, it is not about buying a house or any kind of pet. A dog, because of its character and anatomy, has to be educated according rules of conduct that have to be constantly observed. Even in the case of a dog that lacks of some aspects, such as pedigree or show certificates, administrative procedures must be followed, and they usually take some time. It is also convenient to turn to a prestigious establishment, which, along with the pup, will provide you with a warranty. Although it is not as common as it used to be, there are some cases of people who pay a considerable amount of money and end up with a weak or ill puppy, for which it was impossible to compete in shows.

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