How to Buy a Puppy. Buying a Puppy

Buying a puppy is not something easy, if you keep in mind the compromise you are assuming.
The Ideal Moment to Buy a Dog: It seems to be the seventh week. Primary socialization has been established through his contact with the mother and siblings. The puppy knows to identify humans, because he has had contact with the breeder. The puppy does not suffer being separated during this period, while starting on the eighth week a feeling of fear of any changes is developed. Shock is less violent, therefore, during the seventh week. Obviously this criteria is valid only for company dogs, with very close relations with humans. Is not the same for a hunting dog that will constantly live within a dog's pack. If the puppy has been raised within a stable environment, similar to that of his new owner, he can be adopted between two or three months. If the family has children, he can be adopted even till four months.

Before you buy a Dog: A very important action must be done by breeders or particulars with litters. The choice of the mother is essential. The mother's behavior has a great influence in the puppies character, due to the direct contact with her. Any unstable and aggressive female must be taken apart from reproduction. Check the maternal instinct of the female develops normally with puppies. If not, the person must take care of them: handling, stipulations, etc... The environment where the mother and her litter live must be adapted. Any source of stress must be eliminated, but the place must be rich in stimulation, to prevent anxiety phenomena in puppies when becoming adults. Mixed socialization must be done by the breeder, which will contact the puppies with other animals. Puppies must be handled frequently from the starting of the socialization period.

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