Cakes and flours in dog diet

They are based on wheat flour and other products of this cereal that usually represent 80% of the recipe. Other ingredients that usually include are meat flour and fat that improve the taste. The function of these food is to serve as a complement to a meat diet. Powdered yeast, fish, cheese and other ingredient that contribute flavors allow to prepare a great variety of cakes that are also manufactured with different forms and colors as an incentive to the dogs owners. The cake flours are made with particles of different sizes that adapt to all the types of dogs; bloodhounds, terrier, small, etc. In the practical feeding the cakes can contribute three quarters of a fourth from the caloric consume and to compensate the nutritious deficiencies of the meat. They are much less flavorful that last food, and it can become rancid or to get moldy quickly if they don't stay in a dry, fresh atmosphere. The cakes, besides their nutritious qualities, if they are consumed dry, they force an exercise to the jaws that favor the cleaning of teeth and gums.

Recipes for Dogs

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