Calling your Dog

Do this exercise when your dog is alert and hungry. Divide your dog's food into ten portions and, throughout the day, encourage him to come, showing him the food, calling him by his name and saying "come". Try not to call him to reprimand him because the animal will relate your arrival with the unpleasant experience of being scolded.

Training at home - Get in a quiet room of your house, stand up close enough to your dog to be able to control him. A good place because of its dimensions is the foyer or entrance room. With the food very visible in your hand, call the dog by his name and give him the order to "come". If the puppy comes, enthusiastically congratulate him by saying "good".

Encourage the dog to come by slightly bending your knees and opening your arms. When the puppy approaches, get on your knees so you can be at his level. Congratulate him once again, pet him and give him his well-deserved food prize.

Training outdoors - Once the puppy is well trained to heed your call inside the house, go out to a place with more distractions. Take him tied with a long leash or a retractable leash to make sure the dog will come and repeat the exercise. Don't use the leash to drag the puppy; encourage him to come back for his reward. If he gets distracted, recuperate his attention by slightly pulling on the leash. From far away, a toy is a more visible prize than a food reward.

When your Dog becomes Fatigued
Dogs; and especially puppies, have a very hard time trying to keep their attention and training represents something mentally tiring and it is very hard for them. The training sessions with puppies shouldn't last longer than 15 minutes each, as the dog should not be allowed to get tired.

You can plan these sessions for the time the dog is going to do active physical exercise; that way, you will get him to be physically and mentally prepared to take advantage of them. If you vary the places where you train, you will keep the dog's attention during the whole session.

Lack of Concentration
When your dog puppy loses interest in the food prizes, try changing his diet, giving him fewer meals, yet more abundant. When giving food no longer works, change the prize. A toy with sound or some other object the dog likes will also work.

If your dog is very stubborn, use a leash in order to do the exercises. By giving small pulls on the leash, you will remind the dog that he should listen to you and obey you at all times.

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