Can a female dog be artificially inseminated to have puppies?

Yes, very probably, if done during the appropriate period. There is even a tendency from the breeders, to send semen abroad with this purpose. This is possible, because fresh semen can be stored under good conditions for a week, without damaging, and once frozen can be kept indefinitely. Nevertheless, there are sanity controls regarding importation and exportation, cause it could be a hydrophobia agent, if the dog was infected.The technique is simple, a pipette is used to introduce semen in the reproduction system of the female, with her back legs lifted upwards to prevent the excessive lost of semen. Once the pipette has been retired, a gloved finger is placed in the vulva's orifice during five minutes. This replaces a short union and favors fertility.

Dog Pregnancy: It's practically impossible to detect any signs of pregnancy in the female dog till the fourth week. The final part of gestation period is that of a quick growing of the puppies. Apparent pregnancies are normal.

What happens with the female dog body after mating?

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