Can I give my dog chocolate: dog eating chocolate

Chocolate can be delicious for dogs as well butcan be very dangerous and sometimes mortal. See, a dog eating chocolate could affect his appetite causing some other problems, like caries, obesity and probably mellitus diabetes. Too much chocolate can produce diarrhea... and somethingkill a dog. Chocolate contains Caffeine derivatives to which dogs dog react well. It affects their heart rate, lungs and nervous systems. There are other more healthy candies that can be used as a reward during training and other occasions. Raw carrots, in small pieces, are preferred by a big number of dogs; even some of them use to dig up in the garden to eat them. They also like leaven tablets, which also are a great source of vitamin B. But always restrict these products, so the dog won't consider them as part of his meal, but a reward for his good behavior.

Xmas - Easter - New Year WARNING

Watch for chocolate laying around the house. If you think your dog has eaten chocolate, you shouldcontact your Vet immediately for "what to do advice".

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