Can I have some other advice about training my dog?

Are there professional dog trainers? In many cities it is harder to find a dog trainer then it is to locate courses to train dogs and courses on how to become a dog trainer. Besides allowing you to train dogs efficiently; these courses can give you the opportunity of knowing other people with the same interests. There are classes for rookies, an others for those that want to have concrete advances in obedience.To some point, this depends on the breed in question. It's not strange to see that dogs working with cattle, like the German Shepherd and the Border Collie, are the most frequent participants in obedience competitions. Some other breeds, however, are much more difficult to train, like the Chow Chow, for example, is hardly seen in these competitions. You can find a professional trainer for your dog, but remember a strong relation can arise between them; though the dog will accept his orders perfectly, probably he won't do the same with you. The ideal solution is to attend training classes, and talk about your particular problems and worries with the person in charge of your group.

Should I let my dogs swim? They enjoy swimming?

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