Raising Puppies by Yourself

It's possible to succeed at raising puppies but this process demands time, and adoption is more convenient. Nevertheless, if the mother is dead, or not capable, and cannot feed them (maybe due to a caesarean or an eclampsia attack) there will be no option. You'll need a replacement for milk and an adequate nursing bottle, you can buy both things in a specialized store, even before delivery, just in case of an emergency. Mix the powder milk directly, and watch temperature: it should be around 38 C.Throw away any leftover milk afterwards, it should always be fresh. If necessary you can keep it in the freezer, where it can be preserved for a whole day. Before meals, warm it up properly. There are important differences between the female dog's milk, and that produced by other mammals, including humans. The latter is very low in lactose, and high in proteins and grease, as well as calcium and phosphorus. However, n a critical situation you can use human milk, but, due to its high content of lactose, it could cause diarrhea.

The First Weeks

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