Leash Training Dog: Training a dog to walk on a Leash

Yes, it's very useful to start with leash Training a Dog soon, so the dog gets used to walking with it before going out. Choose the proper collar and leash, and start walking with the puppy along a fence, start training a dog to walk on a leash so the dog gets used to being between you and the barrier without deflection. However the little dog could try to pull forward, if this happens then pull him back saying "here". These first lessons should be short ones, around ten minutes, to teach the puppy the repressive effects of the leash. Correct training a dog to walk on aleashneeds time. Some other variations can also introduce: encouraging the puppy to sit down with his leash and staying put, ordering him clearly "sit down" and "quiet" calling him by his name, then he will learn to associate those orders with himself. Try to make the lessons enjoyable; don't get angry with him if he doesn't reacts immediately, which will disturb him.

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