Canine Bullet

Whereas some dogs limit themselves to jumping up in order to lick their masters' faces, others throw themselves in the air towards people as if they were bullets. This is normal behavior amongst dogs but it is dangerous for people.

In order to prevent this kind of behavior, avoid the flashy reception and pass by the dog trying not to look at him. When your dog's paws are back on the floor, order him to "sit"; then, get down to his level, and reward him for his obedience.

If the Dog Jumps on Visitors
1. If your dog persists on jumping on the visitors when they arrive put his leash on him before you open the door and order him to "sit".

2. Ask your friend to come bringing a food reward for your dog. The dog can only receive the prize from the visitor if he sits obediently when the visitors arrive.

Greeting Children
Some dogs jump onto children than they do onto adults because their faces are practically at their level and, apparently, that excites them more. Introduce your dog to the children having him controlled and on the leash. Tell the children not to be nervous or raise their hands to his face, but to keep them next to their bodies. Reward the dog if he doesn't jump and repeat the exercise.

Begging Attention
Some dogs, especially small breeds, jump, bark, groan or lick to call somebody's attention or to ask for food. This is a bad habit and you shouldn't allow it.

Never give your dog food off the table or pay attention to him when he demands it. If you pay attention to the dog, he will know that his behavior will be rewarded. Reduce his dependence on you by making other members of the family or even friends feed him.

Vigorous Control
Always use positive methods to control your dog's behavior. When the dog jumps, you should never hit him on the chest with your knees, kick his rear paws or press on his front ones. The idea here is to use common sense. Be firm but not cruel.

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