Canine Coprostasia (Pertinacious constipation)

Unluckily, it isn't strange to find an accumulation of hard and lumpy pieces of feces in the blind gut. The cause of this is usually eating a bone-based diet. It is recognized when the animal bends down to defecate, but can't do anything in spite of the violent and painful effort.You shouldn't give him a laxative! It's better to give him a glycerin enema, which you can get in any drugstore. Preferably ask for the kind that's for kids. The result will be that the hardened mass will soften and will eventually come out.

You can repeat this enema three or four times a day. If it doesn't work, go to the veterinarian , who you should also see if you simply find the whole ordeal somewhat disgusting.

Important: Under no account should you wait! Dryness aggravates the problem in a matter of hours.

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