Canine diabetes mellitus . Dog Pancreas problems.

Diabetes is a common illness among dogs. The obese and older female dogs are in particular the most susceptible between dogs. Again, the pancreas is a vital organ. Part of the pancreas produces insulin that regulates the level of sugar in the blood. In the diabetes, an increase of sugar in the blood can determine in some cases coma and death. The usual symptoms are thirst and an excessive hunger and weight lost. In some cases, the veterinarian will tried to control the illness by carrying out an adjustment of the diet. To determine the level of sugar in the blood, we must reduce the carbohydrates to a certain quantity. The animal will receive three or four slight of food a day to avoid an abrupt and an intense elevation of sugar in the blood. If the pancreas continues to partially function, administrating some medicine can stimulate it.

If you cannot control the illness with medicine, a daily injection of insulin may become necessary. A veterinarian according with the graveness of the illness and the dog's size will determine the doses. Some dog owners will learn how to administer the dose themselves. Even daily injections may be necessary to control the diet, off course without consumption of candies and goodies.

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