One of the main reasons for having your dog often check by the veterinarian is to prevent diseases such as the Distemper, disease cause by the CDV (Canine Distemper Virus.

The first step in the fight against distemper is to fulfill the vaccination schedule as indicated by the veterinarian and keep the distemper vaccination up to date. Besides the vaccination process, we should pay close attention to the other dogs your dog is in contact with at the park or when you take it outside the house because the distemper is very contagious.

The distemper is transmitted through bodily secretions and excretions, especially respiratory secretions.

Distemper affects the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and central nervous systems. The neurological affections are the most likely to kill the dog, so we must take the doctor to the veterinarian right after we notice the first symptoms of the disease. The doctor will evaluate your dog and practice some tests on it to make sure of the diagnosis.

Be careful, due to the symptoms, this disease can be confuses with some other health problems, don't wait at home thinking that it is just flu, the doctor will decide that. Even in the case that it is not distemper, make sure by having your dog checked. After all, an extra checking is always favorable for your dog.

The first symptoms of this disease are mainly fever, lost of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, cough, difficulties on breathing and eye inflammations and problems. These symptoms will increase as the disease progresses.

Dehydration is an obvious consequence of the disease, so we must provide fluids to the dog and treat the disease as soon as possible to avoid further complications and infections.

Unfortunately, this disease is non curable and extremely fatal, so prevention is the only way you can keep your dog away from this disease, because once the dog gets it, the only thing left to do may be euthanasia.

Ask your doctor for the prevention vaccines for your dog, he will give you further information and advice about this disease.

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