Canine Gestation. Dog Gestation Period & Problems

Abortion in dogs: These can be caused by infections or several causes.
Infections: Can be cause by bacteria, viruses or parasites. An analysis will allow us to determine the type of agent that the dog is infected with. In the most common causes we find salmonella and streptococcus.

Several causes: We must have in mind the trauma, intoxication and genetic problems. Some medication can cause abortions:

  • Corticoids
  • Aspirin
  • Excessive doses of vitamin A
  • Tetracycline

Always read the instruction of use carefully.
It is also important to have a good understanding of the reasons of an abortion.

Gestation trauma: Some traumas can be responsible for the blocking of gestation. The puppies can die and provoke a uterine infection that puts the mother's life in danger. This usually happens during the second month of gestation.

The Extra Uterine Gestation: The development of the embryo outside of the uterus, is very rare in dogs. What usually happens is the rupture of the uterus at the end of gestation. The fetuses are then found in the abdomen and since their development doesn't continue they dry up. A mummification phenomenon can then happen. After the uterus rips a uterine infection can be produced and the dog will need a surgical intervention.

The Uterine Torsion: One of the uterine tubes spins on itself. This problem is very painful and the surgical intervention must be quick.

The Uterine Hernia: The loaded uterus goes to the level of the groin, goes out of the abdomen and forms a thick ball in the inside of the thigh. The normal development of the puppies is possible, but it is necessary to operate the dog for the puppies to come out.

Medical Abortions: Abortion methods exist for dogs. This is usually done when the female is too young or too old, a non-desirable reproduction or the reproduction of two different breeds. This procedure is done with 3 injections, at 48 hour intervals. This should be done during the first ten days after reproduction; nowadays there are other products that give us more time.

Super Gestation: There is a particular phenomenon called like this. It happens because sometimes after mating the female's heat does not stop and she mates with another dog during the same cycle. This can lead to puppies with different fathers in the same litter.

Birth: The female dog can get through this stage alone, but it is preferable to be present and to know how to distinguish the normal facts of the pathological things that happen.

When labor is close: The indicating signals should alert the following:

  • Breast feeding starts 24 hours before birth; the teats get swollen.
  • The Vulva is dilated and the abdomen has descended
  • At the beginning of labor we can see a clear fluid
  • Finally, 24 hours later during labor there is a drop of temperature of 1ÂșC.

The female licks her anal and genital area very often, as well as her abdomen when she is close to labor. She seeks calmness. Some female dogs tend who are always inside the house tend to locate themselves under furniture, while the ones that are always outside recover their wild behavior and dig a hole on the ground. Some female dogs stay still and calm before this miraculous happening, others groan and rip their blanket apart. During the first contractions the female urinates constantly. From the time labor begins she will not accept any stranger near her, but can call for her owner.Dog Labor development

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