Canine Infectious Hepatitis

Canine Infectious Hepatitis (C.I.H) follows the same course as that of distemper. The puppies die almost suddenly, whereas grownups show, as with distemper, all the symptoms of a serious cold along with a fever. There is, however, a second appearance of fever. If you press on the stomach (by lifting the dog up from the floor), the affected dog will give signs of pain. It is also normal for the cornea to appear somewhat brownish once the illness has been controlled.In the infectious hepatitis, the chance of the dog recovering are higher than with distemper, as long as it is treated by a doctor, although in the case of puppies it usually is to late. If you consider the possible complications – darkening of the cornea , neurological disorders – it shouldn't be too painful of a decision to administer the preventive and effective vaccine.

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