Canine Mating & Breeding

Does a male have to mate regularly? Yes, but it is very difficult to do in the city. Behavior problems due to the fact that the dog has never mated are rare if the dog exercises regularly.

What should we do if we have a male and female at home? If you do not wish to spend the whole day closing doors and separating both animals, it is precise to sterilize one of them. The female is operated more often to eliminate her body fluids.

Can the female be mounted during heat? Yes, this is the only time when she will accept the males. Most owners usually think that the presence of fluids preserves gestation, which is wrong.

In what moment should the female be mounted so she can have puppies? The most favorable moment is during the eleventh and fifteenth day of heat. The ideal thing is to let the female mate during the ninth, eleventh and thirteenth days. The present techniques allow us to determine precisely the exact moment thanks to hormonal doses.

Do precautions for mating have to be taken? The female must be in heat. The male should not be fed before mating or up to two hours after mating. This allows us to prevent the risks of his stomach twisting due to too much effort, especially in large breeds. Gestation FAQ

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