Canned dog food

There are two main classes for canned dog food: the preparations almost totally rich in protein, canned with Jell-O and others in those that the Jell-O is substituted by cooked cereals and other carbohydrates like wheat, corn, rice or potatoes. The proteins are generally in the entrails used for human consumption. Preferably liver, lung, stomach, and blood that come from cows, sheep or birds. The flour of soy is another protein useful that usually adds in form of conglomerate portions that simulate the consistency of the meat. Meat fragments or entrails can also be reconstituted to form pieces that they add interest for their aspect and consistency. In the brands that contain cereals, they usually chop quite finely all the ingredients; being obtained a product of mash consistency, although the mixture is sometimes made pass with pressure through a womb before being canned to obtain portions or pieces. All the current marks are supplements with minerals and vitamins. The first ones can add in a form of whole bones or phosphate of rocks. The vitamins are necessary to correct any absence and especially to balance the lost taking place during the sterilization process. To improve the consistency we added vegetable colorant although they do not increase the nutritious value. In these cases, conservatives are not used. The process of canned food allows the food to be maintaining during long periods in temperate climates. Most of the canned foods are very flavorful. The brands without cereals contain little fiber and for this reason they are usually administer with foods rich in carbohydrates. Two advantages of the canned foods are their sterility and the conservation possibility. Once the can is open, refrigerate its substance.

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