Car Accessories for dogs

In animal stores there are:

  • protective nets that separate the back part of the car from the back seats, not allowing the dog to climb or jump to the front or flying through the car when you slam on your breaks.
  • special blankets, when extended in the back seat, offer the dog a safe place in the shape of a bathtub.
  • ventilation screen, which is fixed on the open window and allows fresh air to come in and at the same time impedes the dog from sticking his head out.
  • water bottles and drinkers for long journeys.

Other Articles of Interest: Besides the indispensable basic equipment there are other articles that can be useful as well.

The dog whistle is used when you let the dog run freely and you have to call it from a long distance. It is also very useful to educate your dog. A dog whistle has a uniform sound and a superior range than the human voice. I am partial to ultrasonic whistles, those that can't be heard by men. With this whistle you can avoid bothering people with loud noises.
Excrement bags and special dustpans, which help pick up canine excrement's can be found in specialized stores.

A muzzle, consists generally of braided straps of leather, hard plastic or light nylon, which can be adjusted to the dogs head so that it wont bite but can still bark. A muzzle is very recommendable even during a veterinarian visit, for dogs which have bitten or attacked people or other dogs several times. Some regions require a muzzle for some breeds and for dogs which are larger than a determined height and weight. It is also obligatory in some country of the European Union, for example Italy and Austria.

A kennel in the garden is very useful for large breeds such as a German Shepherd, a Saint Bernard or a Terranova, or for impulsive dogs like a Doberman, a Rottweiler or a Bull Terrier, to temporarily live.

Basic Equipment for Your Dog

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