Car Problems

Some dogs enjoy car trips because they find them exciting and because they usually end up having more exercise or they meet other dogs. Their dogs, however, hate these car trips because of the unpredictable movements, which can produce nausea. Take the dog out on regular short trips so he can get used to the car.

If your dog drools or gets dizzy in the car, don't feed him before setting off and protect the interior of the car with newspapers or old sheets. Scold your dog if he tries to defend the car as his territory.

Setting Off
Encourage your dog to get into the car by offering him some food (if the dog doesn't get nauseous) or a toy, but don't get him too excited. At first, give the dog a bowl of food and a toy for him to associate car trips with pleasant activities, but remove the bowl before setting off on the trip.

If your Dog Barks Too Much
If your dog gets out of control in the car and barks too much, someone will have to sit next to him and order him to shut up whenever necessary.

Causing Damage
If you let your dog do whatever he wants in the car, he can ruin the upholstery and chew the stuffing. Sprinkle the upholstery and the seat belts with a non-toxic bitter substance and give the dog a toy to chew on.

Sun Screen
A screen on the car's window will protect the dog from the sun. It is also useful to alleviate the dog because it reduces the area of visibility and makes the trip less stimulating.

Transportation Cage
Dogs that are used to the cage can travel by car inside a transportation cage, which, apart from protecting them, keeps them away from any dangerous activity. Although the dog feels secure and relaxed, you should also give him a toy to play with.

Keeping your Dog under Control
Put a muzzle on your dog to keep him from barking too much and breaking things or getting too nervous. If you attach the dog's leash to the seat belt buckle, you will keep the dog from moving too much. There are some seat belts that limit the movements of the dog. This prevents the dog from distracting the driver, thus reducing the risk of injuries in an accident.

Cars Can Kill
Never leave your dog alone inside your car when it is hot, not even if you have parked the car in the shade with the window half-open. Dogs are really bad at regulating their body temperature and they can suffer from heat stroke, which in many cases can be fatal.

Likewise, you shouldn't leave your dog inside the car during cold seasons with the heating on either.

Make sure there is a bottle of water inside the car, especially during long trips. It is advisable to stop every couple of hours so the dog can rest, drink, pee and go poop.

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