Car Travel With Dog

Keep in mind that car travel with dogs is not only a thing you rarely do with your dog when you are on your way and need to ride to the veterinarian. It's important to get your dog used to riding in a car to avoid your dog from associating all his car rides as a trip to the veterinarian, which in some cases is not the best of experiences like having to get vaccinations etc. Get your dog, little by little, used to riding with you and increase the amount of time gradually as doing this will allow your dog to adapt to the car. Dog's that are trained this way can be some of the best companions in the car.

It's recommended to leave a window of your car slightly open when traveling with the dog so that air will come through during the trip as well as when you have parked the car. If you need to at any point leave your dog alone in the car, make sure that you never leave him there for an extended amount of time and that he is not exposed to the sun as dog's can very quickly become dehydrated. Of course, it's best to just not leave your dog alone in the car.

If at any moment you notice that your dog just simply does not fancy the movement of the car, you might have to think about leaving him home if you are to have family vacations, or of leaving him under the care of a friend or in a dog day care center. Some people opt for using crates or special harnesses.

Important Car Travel Tip: If you need to travel out of the country, it's always best and convenient to have the certification or the permits correspondent to the dog. Remember to check also if your dog gets carsick easily so that you can take all of the necessary precautions such as his medications. If you notice that your dog has this problem, you will need to talk to your veterinarian about it so he can prescribe the correspondent medication.

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