Characteristics of an Attack Dog

Attack dog characters: When looking for dogs to do this job, the trainers choose several of dogs at a time and pick out the ones that are of sure personalities. Nervous or temperamental dogs should not be used unless they get really well trained. The dog must be trained so that the owner has full dominion over the dog. The dog must create a feeling of dependency on the owner. They must also learn to communicate cordially so that the dog does not feel scared, and so that he is able to assimilate the expressions and voice commands the owner gives. Even the smallest amount of distraction, indisposition, mental wondering or depression from the trainer is perceived by the animal and it will immediately reflect on the dog's quality of work. Adog's good job depends a lot on the mood of the trainer as well as good disposition and health of the animal himself.
Within the program dogs are trained to protect themselves too. When a dog attacks, it is presumed that the delinquent will not resist, but many times the person will try to escape by kicking or hitting at the dog and so the dogs are taught to protect themselves.
The dog is taught to grab ahold of the sleeve of the person and to lift the person up to the air without lifting the persons legs from the ground and turns the person over and over. The idea is to cause the delinquent to get dizzy and more fearful of the dog.Attack Dogs.

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