Choosing a Dog Breed

It is difficult to give a specific definition of the canine breeds that exist. Even though there common features that unite them. The most determining is without a doubt the dog's work characteristics. Choosing a dog breed depends on what captures our interest and on what and how we can provide for that specific dog. It does not only depend on the beauty and vitality of the dog.
Some people are under the impression that dogs can be chosen by inspiration, the reality is not so though. We need to stop to think about if the dog is going to be big, medium sized, small, hyperactive, shy, affectionate, aggressive etc.
Some people say that different guard and attack breeds behave in a similar way. However, it is difficult to sustain the idea that all of them work in the same way, since it depends a lot on the conditions and situations they are in; when the going gets tough some of them become aggressive, bite, or getnervous. The protection and guard techniques are different and although they respond to training and excellent strategies besides being able to adapt incredibly, the truth is that each breed in particular has different mechanisms to balance their behavior in aggressive situations.
Companion dogs have different ways and abilities to show and accept love, which is something that is unknown to a lot of owners.
The diversity of canine breeds is very wide and although some of their qualities are unique to their species, it is best to first think about and plan well the acquisition of a breed based on their requirements and probabilities.
As of today there are around three hundred and fifty recognized breeds and other that are still not officially recognized.

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